What Sets Us Apart

Enter our offices, and discover a spa-like oasis just beyond the doors to the bustling city street. At Bayfront Dental, you will find the most up-to-date technology and clinical skills, balanced with personalized care and warm, friendly service. Dr. Weiner and his team genuinely care, and that care translates to superior service and results.

The way we see it ...

The very best dental treatment is rendered when patients receive their care in an environment that is as sleek, modern, and technologically advanced as it is warm, friendly, and compassionate. Pursuant to this vision, we’ve built a practice whose team has been together for as long as 25 years.

We provide continuity of care and foster genuine relationships that go beyond clinical matters while never, ever sacrificing the need to update and upgrade the technology and facilities that go into providing the highest level of care.

How did we get here?

In 1984, Dr. David J. Weiner set out to conquer a new market in dental care: the busy professional. He opened his doors on Brickell Avenue, and catered to the high-powered attorneys, bankers, and paraprofessionals that populated the office buildings nearby.

His idea was an instant success. Located within walking distance of most patients’ workplaces, the practice offered lunch-hour appointments and on-time service that enabled patients to return to their offices quickly, which maximized their productivity and minimized their stress. The practice thrived, and moved from Brickell to Downtown’s financial center in 1991. 

Over the years, our practice has grown as we’ve witnessed the real-estate boom and rebirth of Miami’s Downtown district. Today, we’re proud that Bayfront Dental is regarded as the premier dental practice in Downtown Miami, with custom-built, state-of-the-art offices at 224 SE 1st Street, in the heart of the Downtown’s business district.

Best Miami Dentist. Best Miami Dental Team. Best Miami Dental Patients.

We consider ourselves the very best dental office in Miami, and take pride in the way we care for our patients. See for yourself!  Visit our Patient Testimonials page and  Facebook, check out our reviews in our Yelp , GoogleHealthgrades and Demand Force profiles, and read what our patients have to say about us. Also visit our informative blog updated regularly with information on caring for your teeth.

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