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I was referred to the office of Dr. Weiner, at Bayfront Dental Office in downtown Miami, and I am truly happy to have found this great office, where the staff are all professional and friendly, and where they all greet you as you walk in. This includes the busy Dr. Weiner. If he sees you walk in, he will give you a smile and ackowledge you. This is something that is so rare these days. They are on time for your appointments, and I have never had to wait longer than five minutes to be called in. The most important thing, however, is the service I received. They give top notch dental care, and the prices are very fair and reasonable. I had a darkened front tooth which was caused by a traumatic injury that occurred about 20 years ago. I never thought I could afford to get it capped, but Dr. Weiner gave me my smile back!‎

I dread going to the dentist as much as the next guy, and having just moved to Miami I had been putting it off for as long as possible - until I damaged the bonding on 2 of my teeth. I went to Dr. Weiner and I must say I was extremely satisfied with the experience. The office is clean and nice, and even has TVs mounted on the ceilings to help take your mind off of the dental work. Watching sportscenter while getting your mouth examined really helps to settle any nerves. I didn't have to wait more than five minutes before I was called, and the staff was extremely friendly and efficient (a welcome change considering how hard is is to find good/efficient service these days). Dr. Weiner is pleasant and professional and did FANTASTIC work on my broken bonding. He eyed the color and matched it perfectly - I left the office shocked with how good my teeth looked and how little discomfort I felt. Also, the prices were very reasonable, and even though I don't have dental insurance (paid out of pocket) I didn't leave feeling slighted at all. All things considered it was a very pleasant visit to the dentist, and I'm certain that I have found "my dentist" for my time in Miami. If you are looking for a good dentist in downtown Miami, he is your guy.

What a great experience going to a compassionate, professional that knows his profession. I was terrified of going to the dentist to the extent I used to fly back to my home town rather than taking a chance on another "bad" dentist. I had the opportunity of meeting Dr. David Weiner at a social gathering and after a short conversation saw in him the type of medical professional I would entrust my health to. Dr. Weiner greets each of his patients and puts them at ease upon entering the office. His office is spotless, professional and each member of his staff is professional and friendly. I strongly recommend Dr. Weiner. He is the only dentist I would trust without reservation.

On vacation heading on a cruise and broke a tooth. Dr Weiner and staff were the greatest in service, friendliness and they saved my vacation. Thanks Dr Weiner.‎

I was always afraid to go to the dentist. I found the office staff friendly, I was seen on time for my appointment (during my lunch hour) and they accepted my insurance. I didn't pay anything! A very nice experience. Thanks, Dr. Weiner.‎
Lisa S.

I trust Dr. Weiner that if I really need some dental work he will tell me so and will perform it in the best way. Dr. Weiner have your best interest in mind. (No suggestions of unnecessary work or that all you have done elsewhere is not good) The clinic and the stuff are professional and friendly. It is good to find out that there is honest good dentist I can trust in Miami.
Aventura, Florida

It has been a while since I have been to a dental office and I must say, that the office of David J. Weiner, D.M.D. is a extremely friendly,professional staff of members who help me get back on the right track with my dental records. From the moment I walked in to leaving the office I felt well appreciated for my visit while staying efficient as possible. I must say that from the results already seen visible to the initial experience received I will continue to come to this office for a long time.
Eric Q.

I was very surprised to see how fast I was in and out of the office. I hope it continues this way. The staff, including Dr. Weiner, was very friendly and polite. I loved being able to see my teeth on TV!!!!
Raquel P.

I have known Dr. Weiner for 15 years and his professionalism and kindness is exemplary!
Richard C.

Would highly recommend. Great staff!

Love the atmosphere & the professionalism in this office. I'm a Die-Hard client. Looking for clients & ur highly recommended. Ta-Ta!
Sylvia M
Miramar, FL

As always,I was made to feel comfortable and welcome - I appreciate the empathy the entire staff provides and am happy to refer Doc to family and friends! See you soon.
Georgina H
Miami, FL

I have much more confidence in my smile. Its the best it looks in years. Thank "U"!
Sylvia M
Miami, FL

Excellent service; would highly recommend.
Lourdes A
Miramar, FL

I loved the fact that Dr. Weiner was right at the desk when I walked in & introduced himself, normally you don't see the Dr. until they walk in look in your mouth & walk out. I was then expecting the worst but the news he gave me was great. I feel like you guys do things that need to get done not things to make the practice more money, unlike previous offices I have been to. I am glad I made the change to a new dentist! Thank you!
Krystle P
Plantation, FL